[Photos] OUI Entertainment Unveils New Profile Photos Of Kim Jun Seo

WEi memberim Jun Seo has released a new profile picture with a soft charm.

On August 17, OUI Entertainment released four new profile images of WEi Kim Junseo through their official SNS.

In the photo released on this day, Kim Jun-seo completed a soft charisma by stylishly digesting simple styling such as a white shirt-jacket and black turtleneck. In particular, there is a firmness in the eyes staring at the camera, which catches the viewer’s attention.

Kim Jun-seo’s clear facial features harmonize with the chic atmosphere of the black color and doubled the urban-style charm of Kim Jun-seo. The bright mood provided by the white color further accentuated Kim Jun-seo’s flawless visual and focused attention.

Recently, the more matured visual meets with various styling, and it is full of the charm of Kim Jun-seo’s eight colors, demonstrating the magic that makes you fall deeply in the picture.

Kim Jun-seo, following Kim Yo-han, has released a new profile picture, continuing the interest of fans. Fans at home and abroad are paying attention to the future moves of Kim Jun-seo, who crosses an alluring and warm atmosphere with his unique clear and deep eyes.

Meanwhile, WEi to which Junseo Kim belongs, will continue to communicate with fans through various contents.



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