VICTON Kang Seung Sik Expresses His Grateful And Thankful Upon Completing His First Stage For Musical ‘I Loved You’

VICTON’s Kang Seung-sik finished the first performance of the musical ‘I Loved You’ with favorable reviews.

On August 15th, Seungsik Kang of VICTON successfully completed his first performance on stage as ‘Gi-Chul Yoon’ in the musical ‘I Loved You’ held at the BBCH Hall of the Gwanglim Art Center, and expressed his feelings through his agency PlayM Entertainment.

Kang Seung-sik said:

“I am so glad that I was able to finish the first performance safely and without any major problems, and I will do my best to use today as a lesson and try to come back with better performances in the future. Thank you and I hope you look forward to the upcoming performances.”

The musical ‘I Loved You’ is a work that evokes sympathy with deep emotions through the love story of a successful singer-songwriter ‘Lee Jun-hyuk’ that goes back and forth between the past and the present, and is a work that allows you to recall the hot youth that remains in each person’s heart. It is attracting attention as a jukebox musical that weaves many of the famous songs of the late Kim Hyun-sik, who sang ‘Love’.

In the drama, Kang Seung-sik takes on the role of ‘Yoon Gi-cheol’, a business student who loves music and who stakes everything in his life in front of a love that captures the soul. Kang Seung-sik successfully completed his first performance in the theater-type live sitcom ‘On Air-Secret Contract’ in April as ‘Aaron (Anduri)’.

Kang Seung-sik is the main vocalist of the group Victon, and in 2019 MBC ‘King of Mask Singer’ appeared as ‘Diary’ and gathered topics for his outstanding singing ability. Since then, Kang Seung-sik has shown his presence as a talented artist through various drama OSTs such as ‘The Man’s Memory’ and ‘(I don’t know much),’ and ‘Casting in the corner of the room’ project single ‘Even if the four seasons pass’. He is attracting attention for his various individual activities, such as taking on the role of the host of ‘Quilt Kick’ and playing an active part as a proficient host.

The group Victon, to which Kang Seung-sik belongs, succeeded in taking the first place on music shows in three years of debut, followed by their first solo concert in Korea and a fan meeting to commemorate their 4th anniversary last year. It is continuing a solid upward trend by breaking the ‘self-best’ record in digital music-albums.

The musical ‘I Loved You’, featuring Kang Seung-sik, will be performed at the BBCH Hall of the Gwanglim Art Center from August 14 to October 31.



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