THE BOYZ Break Their Own Record, Sold Over 500,000 Copies Of Their Album ‘THRILL-ING’

THE BOYZ breaks their own initial sales record with 520,000 album copies sold for their 6th mini-album ‘THRILL-ING’ and became a ‘Half million seller’. Cracker Entertainment confirmed that THE BOYZ‘s 6th mini-album ‘THRILL-ING’, which was released on the 9th of August, achieved 520,000 copies in Initial Chodong sales (accumulated album sales for one week after the album was released), which made their debut achieve half-million mark for the first time.

The Initial Chodong sales volume of this album achieves greater impact as the sales have increased about 2.5 times compared to the last released 5th mini-album ‘CHASE’.Moreover, Based on the Hanteo Chart Daily Ranking, they maintained 1st place throughout the Initial Chodong period, and the group achieved the highest sales so far in the August Comeback Daejeon.

THE BOYZ, the one who released the title song of their 5th mini-album ‘THRILL RIDE’ on the 9th, that has the same time as the comeback achieved the top spots in various music charts like Bugs, Melon 8, YouTube Music, etc. In addition, all the b-side tracks of their album also entered the real-time charts which proved their popularity as a group. To continue, it also peaked at the number 1 spot in the iTunes Album-Song Chart in 16 overseas countries, including Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Singapore. They also proved their global power by locking down the top spot in 36 countries.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ released a new song ‘Thrill Ride’ on the 9th and they are currently on the continuation of their comeback activities.



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