STAYC, Reportedly Making A Comeback With Their 1st Mini Album ‘STEREOTYPE’

Hi-Up Entertainment made a statement on the 16th that STAYC will release their 1st Mini Album ‘STEREOTYPE’ on September 6. ‘STEREOTYPE’ is the newest album that STAYC is going to release after about 5 months since their second single ‘STAYDOM‘. Fans have high expectations since it is their first mini-album after debut. In addition, the scheduler for ‘STEREOTYPE’ was released on the official SNS account on August 16 while the countdown for the comeback is starting.

The scheduler revealed that STAYC plans to build up the excitement of the fans by having a sequential opening of various versions of concept photos and trailers before the release of the album. After the first step in the music industry for the single ‘Star To A Young Culture’ last year of November, Mr. Stay had a strong impression from the start which made the group achieve 1st place in the female rookie category for single album sales in 2020. While in the first half of this year, the title song ‘ASAP’ of ‘STAYDOM’ gained several hot responses and continues to be on top of music charts.

Meanwhile, STAYC won the rookie idol category at the ‘2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, and was named in the US Grammy’s ‘Rising Korean Artist 5’ and the US Time Magazine’s ‘Best K-Pop for 2021’. which proves the power of their power of being a ‘4th generation representative group’. Being able to build a unique genre called ‘Teen Fresh’ in their previous two activities, STAYC plans to perform bright and confident music and stages to channel pleasant energy to fans.

Finally, STAYC‘s first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ will be available through several online music sites at 6 pm on the 6th of September.



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