[MV] Red Velvet Makes A Long Awaited Comeback With ‘Queendom’

It is the return of ‘Summer Ruler’.  5 member Girl Group Red Velvet (Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, Yeri) is back with a well-made ‘Summer Song’ after two years.

Red Velvet finally released a new mini-album ‘Queendom’ through domestic and foreign music sites at 6 pm on August 16th. A new song that released after 1 year and 8 months since ”The ReVe Festival’ Finale’ in December 2019. The five members, who have been focusing on individual activities such as solo albums and acting challenges, have come together for the first time in a long time and have created supreme synergy.

Red Velvet said through SM Entertainment:

Red Velvet said through SM Entertainment on the 16th, “It’s a comeback after a long time, so I’m happy and excited, and I’m also nervous like when I debuted. I prepared hard with all my heart fluttering, so I hope you can enjoy it comfortably on a hot summer day. I hope that good energy will be conveyed to many people.”

Regarding the title song ‘Queendom’, they said:

“As this song contains the message that we are all queens and kings in life, and that we shine even more when we are together, I hope that everyone who listens to this song will gain strength and be happy. That everything will be okay. It is an exciting song even if you put on earphones and listen to it while walking. There is also a cute choreography that anyone can follow, so please enjoy it with the stage.”

This album is even more meaningful as they release this as a full album to commemorate the 7th anniversary of their debut. Red Velvet, who started their activities with their first single ‘Happiness’ in August 2014, celebrated their 7th anniversary on August 1, 2021. It is said that the members worked tirelessly to prepare for their comeback in order to repay the unwavering interest and love of their fans.

Expectations are also high on the results that will be achieved through the new album activities. Red Velvet started with ‘Red Flavor’ in July 2017, followed by ‘Power Up’ in August 2018 and ‘Umpah Umpah’ in August 2019. The song topped the music charts one after another, solidifying its position as ‘Summer Ruler’ and ‘Summer Queen’. It is noteworthy whether ‘Queendom’ will also rise to the top of the chart without fail.

Red Velvet, who announced a splendid comeback, held an online fan meeting ‘Beyond LIVE – Red Velvet ONLINE FANMEETING – inteRView vol. ‘ 

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