MONSTA X Minhyuk Is The New Face Of ‘Champion’

MONSTA X Minhyuk was selected as the newest Korean model for an athletic wear ‘Champion’.

Starship Entertainment issued a statement on August 13 that Minhyuk was selected as the Korean model for the authentic American athletic wear brand ‘Champion’, a global sports casual brand.” LF, the official domestic importer of ‘Champion’ and the one who selected the domestic model stated that Minhyuk’s confident attitude, positive and healthy energy fit well with the image that ‘Champion’ wants to achieve.

Moreover, his agency revealed that Minhyuk is happy to be part of ‘Champion, the brand that he loved to wear even before his debut. Meanwhile, ‘Champion‘ is set to release a teaser video with Minhyuk at 4 pm on the same day which will be uploaded in their official SNS account. While, on the 17th, a teaser image of Minhyuk wearing a sweatshirt of the champion will be released, and by the end of this month, the main video and various styling pictorial images will be uploaded sequentially.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk perfectly captured the authentic and sporty mood of the champion in the filming of the said brand. In addition, he showed love for the brand through extraordinary enthusiasm in a way of suggesting direct styling and monitoring from time to time.

MONSTA X, Minhyuk ‘s group, has several songs that topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart such as ‘GAMBLER’, ‘Nobody Else’, ‘Addicted’, and ‘KISS OR DEATH‘. 16 songs in total were found at the top of the charts which boosted their popularity as a group.



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