Lee Gi Kwang Teams Up With Muzie For A New Show ‘Muzie Kwang Company’

Lee Gi Kwang, the group’s highlight, will perform a different kind of fun by doing fake documentary entertainment. Mupley, made a statement on its official SNS stating that Lee Gi Kwang and Muzie will join forces in creating a fake documentary program ‘Muzie Kwang Company’.

‘Muzie Kwang Company’ is about the story of a new agency established through the combination of the names of Lee Gi Kwang and Muzie. It is about Lee Gi Kwang signing an exclusive contract with the presence of the representative and top producer of Muzie and will going to perform solo activities. During the filming on the 12th, Lee Gi Kwang held an Instagram live with Muzie, which embody unique chemistry. As a result, the curiosity of what kind of activities and charms Lee Gi Kwang will showcase with ‘Muzie Kwang Company’ is arising.

Moreover, Lee Gi Kwang, who achieved a successful activity as a highlight in May, has been currently busy working with several entertainment programs. He received a lot of affection for showcasing his wonderful hosting skills in idol-specialized entertainment programs like ‘Idol Wonderland’, MBC ‘OpAL Shining Night’, and the online global K-Culture Festival ‘KCON:TACT’ signboard corner Meet & Grit.

Meanwhile, Lee Gi Kwang is expected to capture a lot of global fans with the help of his sense of humor and entertainment in ‘Muzie Kwang Company’. ‘Muzie Kwang Company’ will air on Muple YouTube channel and Idol Live app by September.



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