HyunA Is Filming A New MV Found Herself Collapsing While Dancing

HyunA shares that while filming a music video she unexpectedly collapsed. On the 16th, the singer posted a long thank you post on her Instagram account. She expressed how she is thankful for her fans. In addition, the singer thinks that the filming of this music video was more meaningful and affectionate. She also thanked the staff and her family for assisting her. Additionally, she revealed that she usually collapses several times a day but for the first time, an ambulance arrived in the filming set.

To continue, the singer revealed what happened, she was dancing gracefully but she collapsed again and her body didn’t follow her preparation that made her feel upset. She also blamed herself for not taking her off her body before the incident. Moreover, she woke up with blood pressure was 70 and 40 so she can’t proceed to film the MV right away. The singer was thankful that she finished the filming to the end the moment she arrives at her residence. She was just grateful for everything.

Meanwhile, HyunA assured her fans that she will take care more of her body and promised to perform on stage armed with self-confidence. She also informed the fans that she will go to the hospital on Tuesday to get HyunA said to her fans, “I will cherish my body more and take good care of it. I promise to go on stage and do my best not to be ashamed of myself. I will also go to the hospital on Tuesday to get another test and medication.



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