[Photo] Netflix Released Another Poster For New Upcoming Series D.P.

Netflix releases another poster featuring Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan for its new series ‘D.P.’

The Netflix series ‘D.P‘, which depicts the story of Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, the DP’s DP, who chases people with various stories, and faces a reality they did not know about.

The released poster shows Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, the DPs, who are active in the society. They grow their hair like civilians and travel across the country in plain clothes, but they are actually soldiers catching deserters. Like detectives chasing criminals, they work as a team of two, grasping the movement of the deserters, and do not hesitate to undercover and investigate. Jun-ho, a second-class soldier, who is still in a strong state, teamed up with corporal Ho-yeol, who feels comfortable with a career, to arrest a deserter. Attention is focused on what the story of the deserters will be as seen by those who stand on the border between the military and society, and what kind of chemistry the two people with opposite personalities will create as a team.

In the main trailer released together, you can see Junho and Hoyeol more closely, who are actively pursuing deserters. In his first DP activity, he passes on the know-how of having to be the first to catch deserters to second-class Jun-ho, who is bewildered by everything. However, unlike the plausible words, Junho is embarrassed by the investigation that seems to be heading to the ground. The two men figure out where the deserters are going, explore the surroundings, and run to match their sweat. Is it true that their mission is ‘without difficulty’, as Bum-goo, the officer in charge of evacuation of military duties, said to just bring the deserters safely.

The series ‘DP’ (DP), in which the story of the deserters Jun-ho and Ho-yeol faced and the weight of the command to bring them ‘safely’, will throw a heavy topic to viewers, will be released on Netflix on August 27th.

Watch the official trailer here: