Lee Byung Hun Confirms Appearance For The First Episode Of ‘SNL Korea’

SNL Korea‘ is back!

Coupang Play’s first original comedy show ‘SNL Korea‘ has confirmed its first broadcast on September 4th. ‘SNL Korea’ confirmed the appearance of actor Lee Byung-hun as the first host.

NBC’s representative program ‘SNL (Saturday Night Live)’, which won the Emmy Award, is returning after 4 years through Coupang Play. Lee Byung-hun, the first host to open the gates of ‘SNL Korea’, is undoubtedly Korea’s representative actor who has undergone amazing transformations in each work. Actor Lee Byung-hun, who proved his global status as a presenter at the closing ceremony of the recent Cannes Film Festival following his performances in Hollywood as well as Korea, is looking forward to seeing what kind of performance he will perform through ‘SNL Korea’.

SNL Korea‘ will meet viewers through the new OTT platform Coupang Play.

Ahn Sang-hwi, general manager of the production company A Story, said, “My heart is beating. I think we can start an all-time great season,” said Kim Seong-han, general director of Coupang Play. I hope it will be an opportunity to bring laughter to many customers.”

Starting with Shin Dong-yup, Ahn Young-mi, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Min-kyo, Kwon Hyuk-soo, as well as the familiar faces representing ‘SNL Korea’, as well as the YouTube ‘Food University’ Kim Min-soo, Red Velvet Wendy, actors Cha Cheong-hwa, Kim Sang-hyeop, Joo Hyun-young, Lee So-jin, etc. .

Starting with the first host Lee Byung-hun, ‘SNL Korea’, which meets viewers for a total of 10 episodes, will be released through Coupang Play only at 10 pm every Saturday, starting with the first broadcast on September 4th.



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