BLACKPINK Rosé Is Newest Cover Model For ELLE Korea

BLACKPINK Rosé is the cover model for ELLE Korea‘s September issue. In an interview, Rosé stated that with Saint Laurent she is able to become more daring and express herself more confidently and freely. In addition, it awakened the rock spirit inside of her. Rosé who celebrated the 5th anniversary of BLACKPINK on August 8 reminisced the amazing time that has followed since her debut. She revealed that up until this day, she is still learning about who she really is. Rosé realized that it is essential to know what is important to us.

Rosé is a member of BLACKPINK who debuted in 2016 with their single album ‘Square One’, which contains songs ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’. After that, they released ‘Square Two’ which contains songs ‘Playing With Fire’ ‘Stay’ and ‘Whistle (Acoustic Version)‘. Then in 2017, they released ‘As If It’s Your Last. While in 2018, they released ‘Square Up’ which contains songs ‘ Ddu-Du, Ddu-Du’ ‘ Forever Young’ ‘Really’ and ‘See U Later. While on 2019, they released ‘Kill This Love’ with songs ‘Kill This Love’, ‘Don’t Know What To Do’, ‘Kick It’, and ‘Hope Not’. In 2020, they released their first full album named ‘The Album’ with songs ‘How You Like That’, ‘Pretty Savage’, ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Bet You Wanna’, ‘Lovesick Girls ‘, ‘Crazy Over You ‘,  ‘Love To Hate Me’, and ‘You Never Know’.Blackpink also collaborated with well-renowned singers Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B.

Meanwhile, Rosé made a solo debut with the single ‘R’ which contains songs ‘On The Ground‘ and ‘Gone’.



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