Singer Songwriter IONE officially Signs With Million Market

Singer-songwriter IONE announces a new start at Million Market.

Million Market said on the 5th, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with IONE”.

In addition, on the 4th, Million Market released the profile picture of IONE through the official SNS. In the photo, IONE is posing with a warm visual. IONE catches the eye by exuding a trendy charm with sophisticated styling.

IONE, a former member of the group Speed, made his solo debut in 2016 with ‘Back’. He has established himself as a singer-songwriter in the R&B scene by directly producing with his sensuous songwriting and composing skills.

Since then, IONE has been well received with albums such as ‘Treasure’, ‘I Don’t Love You’, ‘All the Things’, ‘Unreal’ and ‘Idea’, showing extraordinary musicality. In addition, he attracted the attention of music fans with his versatile aspects such as singing, dancing, writing lyrics, and composing.

Million Market, where IONE has made a new nest, includes MC Mong, as well as talented artists such as 2F Shin Yong-jae-Kim Won-ju, Kugi, Woo Tae-woon, Kim Nong-mil, Moon Su-jin, Gisele, and Choi Tae-eun.

Million Market said, “We will give our full support so that IONE can be reborn as a better artist. We ask for a lot of love and interest in IONE’s steps as it will carry out various activities in a new place.”

Among them, IONE draws attention by becoming a member of Taewoon Woo and Hansotbap, who worked together with speed. Interest is also drawn to the synergy between the two people, who still maintain a strong loyalty.

Expectations are rising on IONE, which has been attracting attention for its unrivaled musicality, will unfold in the Million Market.



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